How To IPhone 7 Charging Jumper Problem Solution

IPhone 7 Charging Problem Solution Repair Ways Jumper Apple iPhone 7 that refuse to charge, or charge very slowly – like non-charging iPhones – are a sadly common cause of irritation among iPhone 7 customers. Before long the battery will be empty and you’ll be stuck with the world’s most expensive chopping board

If Problem Still There Then Disassembly iPhone 7 For Charging Problem Solution. 

After Disassembly Clean iPhone 7 PCB Layout With C.T.C Cleaner And Remove Charging Port. 

Charging Port Wash Properly With C.T.C Cleaner After Clean Charging Port OfiPhone 7 Put Again. 

Check For Problem Resolved If Still There Then Replace Charging Port Of iPhone 7 For Complete Solution Of Samsung iPhone 7 Charging Pause,Battery Temperature Too High.

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