Gsm Aladdin Key V2 Update Cracked V1.40 Without Password


MTK Improve MT67xx Write and Format. 

SPD SC9830 EMMC Add New Mobile Support. 

MTK Flasher Improve and Add Auto Read Firmware Info . 

Android Add Wipe Dalvik-Cache (ADB). 

Samsung Add Repair DRK (ADB). 

Android Add Sideload ZIP Update System (ADB). 

Android Improve Install APK and Add Reboot Download (ADB). 

Android Add Repair IMEI (Fastboot). 

Android Add Repair MEID (Fastboot). 

Android Add File-Lock (Fastboot). 

Android Add Get-Token (Fastboot). 

Android Add Goto-RUU (Fastboot). 

Android Add Flash Zip for Update (Fastboot). 

Software fix some bugs.ent Done


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