Itel it5600 Update SPD6531 Flash File OK File

Power Off Phone , Remove Battery, Insert Battery Back

Please Hold BootKey(UP and DOWN),Insert USB cable

Use Miracle Boot Key In cases Boot key not Find

Battery Should be Charged more then 50%

Scanning USB Serial port...

SU2Serial Port: COM5

Connecting to Phone,Wait..


Infor: SPRD3

Initialize boot9...

CPU type: 6531A

Flash type: NOR

Flash ID: 00C20025(00370000)

Flash Model: MX25U6435E

Flash Size: 0x800000(4.0M)


Read Completed.

>>File save to: C:\Users\Master Telecom\Desktop\Itel it5600 SPD6531\6531A_MX25U6435E.bin 


Download Link -Itel It5600 Flash File

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