Root Google pixel XL CVersion Update Wireless 7.1 Nougat File Free Download

Google Pixel XL Verizon Wireless 7.1 Nougat was Released in October 2016.It comes with Nougat 7.1 Version.It is planned to Update Nougat 7.1.You can Update Your Mobile to Nougat by your Software update.But If you Can't update the Nougat Automatically,You can Update it Manually.Nougat update is from an official from Google.If you feel the Mobile is Junked with Unwanted Mobile Company applications.You can recover it By rooting.When rooting you can change your ROM.But normally You can delete some company applications and free your mobile memory and also you can increase your Phone memory.You can Easily root your mobile with computer.You can Free Your Mobile From lots of unwanted applications.

Download Windows

Download Mac

Download Depixel

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