GB-Key Ver 1.78 Huawel GBkey Ver 1.22 Released

**************** ** WHAT'S NEW ** **************** GB-Key Version 1,78 - REMOVED USER/PASS Request in Config Tab after many request from GBKEY Users, forgetting their User/pass, now no need Enter User/Pass to use GB-Key Sw - Added Models to Supported list: Doro 620 Doro 631 ---------------- Blu Neo 4.5 ---------------- Alcatel OT-7042 ---------------- Huawei Y360 Direct Unlock / Reset Counters with USB Cable. HUAWEI MODULE VER 1.23 - Added Unlock BootLoader code Read Code / Write Code / Unlock with Code Now users can do Direct Unlock of BOOTLOADER Code for Hisilicon/Qualcomm phones - Lock Bootloader for HiSilicon is Supported All operations with USB Cable, Added info HOW To Proceed on Screen. Disclaimer: This Feature is released to repair original Imei of your phone... Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries, and we will not be held responsible for any consequences that befall Mandatory Use Latest version of SW. Download From WEB 

GBkey Classical Modue

Huawei Module Ver 1.22


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